Oriental Natural Sandal wood Chinese Incense


Oriental Natural Sandal wood Chinese Incense


Each incense is made from natural substrate wood and essential oil, so it is very safe and healthy when you light incense in your room, it helps to soothe the nervous system when you in a spa, you can use it to help you relax it helps to eliminate the smell if you turn it on in the bathroom light up a cone of incense and extinguish the flame, it will continue to burn for about 10 minutes (depending on the air circulation condition) for safety reasons, keep any fuel away from incense when it burns length: 21 cm apply to: Household, SPA, bathroom, office

  • Regional Feature: Chinese Incense
  • Usage: Aromatic
  • Material: Natural spices
  • Scene of application: House, office, bedroom, kitchen, SPA, bathroom
  • Package Includes: 1 x Box Incense Stick  21-50ML
  • Temporary consumption: ~ 10 minutes
  • Encens parfum: Argy Absinthe, Thai Hang Arborvitae, Laoshan Sandalwood, Wu Agilawood, Water Agilawood, Australia Sandalwood

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Argy Wormwood, Australia Sandalwood, Water Agilawood, Laoshan Sandalwood, Thaihang Arborvitae, Wu agilawood


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