The Seven chakras Muladhar Dream Catcher Wall Hanging Decoration Ornament


The Seven chakras Muladhar Dream Catcher Wall Hanging Decoration Ornament


The seven chakras are your body’s energy centers; Root, Sacral, Solar plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown .

What is the meaning and history behind the dreamcatcher? You've probably seen a dream catcher hanging from a tree, a porch or even in a souvenir shop and wondered about its purpose and meaning. Learn more about the story and the legend behind the origins of the dream catcher.

Authentic Native American Dream Catchers
Originally created by American Indians, dreamcatchers today come in a variety of different sizes and styles. They usually consist of a small wooden hoop covered in a net or web of natural fibers, with meaningful sacred items like feathers and beads attached, hanging down from the bottom of the hoop. Real authentic, traditional dream catchers are handmade and crafted only from all natural materials, measuring just a few small inches across in size. The hoops are usually constructed of a bent Red Willow branch covered in stretched sinews. Wrapping the frame in leather is another common finishing touch for “real” dream catchers.

History of the Dreamcatcher: Ojibwe or Lakota Origins?
Today the dreamcatcher is associated with Native American culture in general, but dream catchers are often believed to have originated from the Ojibwa Chippewa tribe in particular. The Lakota tribe also has its own legend about the origins of the dreamcatcher, but most ethnographers believe the dreamcatchers were passed down from the Ojibwe through intermarriage and trade. The Ojibwe word for dreamcatcher asabikeshiinh actually means “spider,” referring to the web woven to loosely cover the hoop. The patterns of the dream catcher are similar to the webbing these Native Americans also used for making snowshoes.

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Product Type: Chakra Dreamcatcher
Material: Hoop, Rope, Crystals, Alloy
Total Size: ~49cm (18.5in)
Circle Diameter: ~5.2cm (2in)
Features: Symbolic Protective Charm, Chakra Design, Each Hoop Represents a Chakra with Its Own Crystal and Color
Decoration Ornament for Car Party Nautical home decoration dreamcatcher


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