Bamboo Zen Incenso Incense Burner

35,00 29,00


Bamboo Zen Incenso Incense Burner

35,00 29,00

This box and incense burner traditional bamboo has an opening to store the incense sticks in the box. This incense holder allows you to store the incense and burn it at the same time.

This incense holder craft is a unique piece and can accommodate different forms of incense (incense cones or sticks). Original, this door can also be used as part of the Zen decoration of your home.

Applications: Home, Office, Hotel, Tea House, Yoga Studio, Meditation, Buddhist Temple, Living Room, etc.
Efficiency: Fresh air, calm nerves, help to target, decoration, etc.

Item: Joss-incense stick
Size outside 24×5.8×4.8 cm size inside 22×4.2 cm
Color: As picture shown
Material: Bamboo
Package: 1 x Incense Holder


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