Mala Buddhist Bracelets Of Natural Sandalwood


Mala Buddhist Bracelets Of Natural Sandalwood


This Mala handmade bracelet-necklace is composed of 108 natural stones of sandalwood. Sandalwood is known for its relaxing and soothing properties.
Used by Buddhists to recite their mantras.
Bijou very in vogue for its spiritual virtues, this one will chase the evil and the bad energies and will bring you peace and harmony.
Sandalwood releases a delicate fragrance that will soothe you so that you will carry it everywhere with you.
Ideal for meditation and being at the top of Zen.
Available in 5 colors.

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Item type: necklace bracelet.
Model: Mala, artisan Buddhist.
Material: natural stone sandalwood.
Type of metal: Zinc alloy
Diameter of stones: 8 mm.
Length of the strap: 40cm.

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