Natural Stone Pink Quartz Pendulum

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Natural Stone Pink Quartz Pendulum

15,00 10,00

Gentle, gentle stone, it brings calm in itself, inner peace, and is used to heal deep emotional wounds.

Pink quartz is nicknamed the stone of universal love and creativity. This mineral is also considered as protective environments charged with electric waves and radiation (television, computer …). In this sense, this stone counteracts geobiological disturbances.

The pink quartz and the chakra of the heart anahata (4th chakra)
The chakras (according to Indian and Hindu medicine and culture) represent our cone-shaped energy centers – rather than a wheel as its literal translation of Sanskrit indicates – where the energy flows in a spiral. They are directly related to the endocrine system.

The properties and the color of the pink quartz designate it especially to act on the chakra of the heart. Its pink color is one of the colors of anahata (the heart chakra). This chakra is located between the breasts, it is the chakra of the air (breathing and freedom) and love. This is how a pink quartz will be affixed to this part of the body to provide emotional relief or to fight against a state of stress. He thus participates in freeing the nodes and blocks of anahata.

The pink quartz crystal symbolizes the appeasement; it provides self-love, offers tenderness, brings calm, relaxation, comfort and security.

This mineral is sweetness and tenderness, it leads to inner peace, bringing calm in itself, and opens to spirituality. It is used in particular to relieve the deepest emotional and emotional wounds. It is excellent in case of trauma or crisis: it repairs the shortcomings and emotional traumas of childhood, including those induced by violence (including sexual).

Pink quartz is indicated in cases of depression, in addition to the necessary medical treatments. Its calming action makes it a use in lithotherapy to fight against insomnia.

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quantity: 1x Pendant
Material: Copper + Gemstone (Amethyst Pink Quartz Crystal Rock Quartz Green Aventurine Obsidian Opalite)
wings Size: approx. 35 * 37mm Width: 17-18mm
Hanging Hole: 5 * 4mm
weight: approx. 6g
shape: 1mm = 0.0394 inch, 1g = 5 Carat


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