Quartz Crystal Necklace 7 Chakras Healing


Quartz Crystal Necklace 7 Chakras Healing


According to tradition the main chakras are the 7 centers of energy located in the etheric body, along the spine. They have the appearance of spirals of energy of different colors according to the emotions of the individual and his level of evolution.

The Tree of Life pendant symbolizes the life force and its origins, the importance of roots and the development of life.

Chakra 1:
The first chakra, called the coccygeal center or root (Muladhara) is located at the coccyx.
It is connected to telluric energies and emphasizes our ability to anchor ourselves in 'here and now'.
Colors: Red and Black – Endocrine Gland: Adrenal – Rating: C

Chakra 2:
The second chakra, called sacred center or hara (Svadhisthana) is located at the level of the belly, between the fifth lumbar vertebra and the first sacred vertebra. He is the center of gravity of the human body, that of emotions and sensations. It represents sensitivity, sensuality, food and assimilation.
Color: Orange – Glands: Sexual – Note: Is

Chakra 3:
The third chakra, called solar center (Manipura) is located at the solar plexus between the first and second lumbar. This chakra is the center of distribution of energy in the human being.
Closely related to the mental plane, it represents rational thought.
Color: Yellow – Correspondence: Pancreas – Note: E

Chakra 4:
The fourth chakra, called the heart center (Anahata) is located in the middle of the chest, between the fourth and fifth dorsal. It is the center of unconditional love, where one accepts the love of oneself and others.
Colors: Green and Rose – Correspondence: Thymus – Note: Fa

Chakra 5:
The fifth chakra, called the Laryngeal Center (Vishuddha) is located at the level of the throat, between the sixth and seventh cervical. This chakra is the center of communication and self-expression, as well as the place of reception and external listening.
Color: Blue – Matching: Tthyroid gland – Note: Soil

Chakra 6:
The sixth chakra, called the front center (Ajna) is located at the front.
It is the center of the creative vision. This chakra allows the knowledge of oneself, of one's inner being.
Color: Indigo – Mapping: Pituitary Body – Note: The

Chakra 7:
The seventh chakra, called the Coronal Energy Center (Sahasrara) is located just above the head.
It is the center of spiritual knowledge. It is connected to cosmic energies.
Color: Purple – Endocretin Gland: Pineal Gland – Note: Si

Symbolic of the 7
The 7th corresponds to the seven days of the week, to the seven degrees of perfection, to the seven heavenly degrees, to the seven planets. The seven indicates the meaning of change after a completed cycle and a positive renewal.


Average size 4.8 x 3.4 cm – Average weight 35 to 40 carats
7 cabochons of about 4 mm
Silver plated

Additional information

Couleur de pierre

Wing, Tree, Rainbow, , Stars, Flower, Drop, joy, Sun, Yoga


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