Beach Towel/Yoga Carpet – Mandala Rond – Ø 150cm


Beach Towel/Yoga Carpet – Mandala Rond – Ø 150cm


This magnificent round Yoga cover has been hand-painted from a Mandala.
It is ideal to cover your bed, to sit on the beach, or to decorate your sofa.
The Mandala’s painting gives it a special energy.

What is a Mandala?

Mandala means “center” and “circle”. In the Indian and Tibetan traditions, these diagrams symbolically represent the relationship of the human being to the entire Universe.
These symbols have a strong vibration that allows us to refocus and soothe ourselves. The Mandalas emit a beneficent energy that reconnects us to the Great Whole.
In spiritual traditions, mandalas are used as a meditation tool.

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  • Polyester Fabric
  • Easy to clean and quick dry
  • Diameter: 150 cm
  • Suitable for: beach, pool, picnic, camping, yoga, home decoration and so on

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Blue, Rose Chaud, Green, Yellow


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